We are happy to have provided our guests a great experience, even in the difficult travelling year 2002. We hope it will be a for all an improved holiday experience in 2021 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Welcome to the island of ciovo

Our house is located nearby Trogir to which the peninsula Ciovo is connected with a small bridge. Trogir is a UNESCO world heritage city and as such has lots to offer in terms of culture and sightseeing. Split is worth a visit and can easily be reached by car or ferry.


There are four different apartments in the house. All of them with a beautiful view over the sea. It's only 150 meters to the water. There is a lovely, quiet beach and the water quality is one of the best in Europe. So all in all there is everything you need for a great holiday.

holiday home seen from above

The house is located on a small hill side, which guarantees a fantastic view above the other homes. There are sufficient parking spots in front of the house. The access road serves only two other houses. The background of the picture already gives you a taste of the beautiful view.

The roof terrace offers an undisturbed view over the sea. From here you can see other islands, the beach and lots of water.
View over the sea from the roof terrace (Studio apartment)

The Studio Lucie offers a wonderfull roof terrace where you can totally relax: whether in the morning at breakfast, during the day sun bathing or in the evening with a cocktail. There is an undisturbed view of the beauties of Croatia.

The beach is small and cozy. There is no street nearby which ensures peacefulness. You can rent a deck chair or just occupy the beach.
The beach close to the house

The beach is easy to reach. You can take a quick swim in the morning before breakfast or spend a nice day there. Whether you want to swim, dive or snorkel, the sea offers crystal clear, high quality water and a diversity of sea animals. There is a diving school close by (see links page).