Apartment Elsa 2

Bedroom with double bed, big wardrobe and storage space

...also on the ground floor.


The smallest apartment is also very nice and furnished modernly. It has a little kitchenette with fridge and kettle (no cooking opportunity). It's great for young couples (or in combination with Elsa 1).


The apartment can also be combined with the apartment Elsa 1. That allows up to 6 people to book together and have separate sleeping areas while living next to each other.


There is a terrace belonging to the apartment that offers beautiful views. 


Nice view onto the sea from the terrace

The terrace offers good space and a nice view of the forrest and sea. The morning sun invites you to have a nice outside breakfast or you can relax in the shadow after a hot sunny day.

Terrace with beautiful view and great seating arrangement

Bathroom of Elsa 2

There is a modern bathroom. As for the other parts in the house, there was put emphasis on high quality.

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